Workers' Comp

Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law is complicated.  The laws and the procedures required to obtain benefits are constantly changing.  As recently as June 6, 2011, the legal definition of “injury” and “personal injury” changed to exclude repetitive wear and tear type injuries.  The Tennessee General Assembly changes Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law each time they are in session.  Without a knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side, how will you be able to navigate such a complex system?
Allen Brown has almost (20) years of experience in the Tennessee workers’ compensation industry.  He worked as a claims adjuster for various insurance carriers and third party administrators, which gave him valuable knowledge of how that industry operates.  He worked for five (5) years as a mediator and arbitrator for the Tennessee Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Division where he mediated close to one thousand (1,000) workers’ compensation cases and ruled on over three hundred (300) cases.  While there he was promoted to the appeals division, known as the Administrative Review Division, where he worked for three (3) years.  As an attorney and appeals level hearing officer for the State of Tennessee, he heard and ruled on over eight hundred (800) appealed workers’ compensation decisions.  Serving in a quasi-judicial capacity and ruling on over twelve hundred (1,200) workers’ compensation cases while at the Tennessee Department of Labor gave Allen the knowledge and experience necessary to handle the most complicated of workers’ compensation cases.  In private practice since 2010, Allen has litigated and tried workers’ compensation cases in courts throughout Tennessee. 
Let an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney guide you through the process and obtain the results you deserve.  Please contact Allen today at CONTACT or by phone (615) 686-7573.