Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being seriously injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident can permanently change your life.  You can’t work.  You do not know how you are going to obtain medical treatment or pay your medical bills.  Your car is wrecked and you can’t get around.  It is at this moment that you get a call from the insurance company of the person that hurt you offering you a low settlement.  They know you are desperate and in no position to negotiate.  They tell you their low offer is all your case is worth and then starting talking about how you may be found responsible for the wreck.  Their offer is low, but what choice do you have.  Do not give into the pressure.  You do have a choice.  Let a lawyer help you.
You do have rights, including the right to fair compensation that allows you to pay for medical bills and the medical treatment necessary to recover from the accident.  In addition, you may get pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, reimbursement for the property damage done to your vehicle, and other categories of damages.  An Expert in Accident Reconstruction is often needed in cases involving serious injuries.  They can be used to gather and analyze crucial evidence, take measurements of skid marks, examine and document the damage to both vehicles, and secure the “black box” computer data from each car.  Once the accident scene is cleared and the cars are repaired this crucial evidence can be lost.
You need an attorney to help you through this difficult time.  Please contact Allen today at CONTACT or by phone at (615) 686-7573.